Hello again.

It’s a strange feeling trying to reintroduce this comic.

Celestial Mirror wasn’t my first webcomic, but it is the final iteration of what I consider my first story idea, so I’ve had a pattern of working on it and revisiting it for basically my entire life. My dedication to it hasn’t been strong enough to avoid long breaks whenever life gets a little in the way… school or work being too busy, difficulties in my personal life, web hosts going down, etc. But I seem to always come back to it.

Old readers will recognize most of the elements of this website from how it looked on Smackjeeves up until it died. I’m toying with the idea of doing another site overhaul, but I’ll save that for after I’ve gotten in the groove of drawing again. As you can tell from my sketch blog, I’ve allowed myself to get quite rusty.

I still can’t promise I won’t silently miss a few (or many) updates, but I think a schedule will help motivate me to build some momentum. For right now the plan is:

  • Start over posting old pages. I’ll post a chapter a week, on Saturdays, until we catch up to the last in-progress chapter that was posted on Smackjeeves.
  • Build up a buffer, draw some more site assets, work on the print version of volume 2…
  • Start posting a page a week after old chapters run out.

I’ll try to post some blog posts, and maybe ramble about some decisions about the site and the comic and my art in general. Feel free to comment or reach out if you see any bugs or weirdness in the site. Or just drop me a line just because. 🙂

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