Part One is Live!

For convenience, you can start reading this week’s chapter here.

I’m just barely starting to dip my toes back into drawing comic pages, but I’m optimistic about having stuff to post on the old sketch blog soon. Who knows if I’ll ever get back to posting every single day, but I’ll be excited to have art to share even if progress is slow.

At one point I was considering starting over Part Nineteen rather than having to pick back up in the middle of an unfinished chapter, but I have managed to talk myself down from that. After all, last time I took a long break, I completely changed my process mid-chapter and I don’t think I regret that. This transition should be a bit less jarring at least. But we still have eighteen weeks left to go before you’ll see any of that, so maybe I’ll keep flip flopping.

See y’all next week!

2 replies on “Part One is Live!”

OMGGGGGG I’m so excited!!! I happened to check your sketch blog just now and this is the best possible surprise I could’ve gotten!! I am delighted that my hard copy is no longer the only place to read this comic and I’m pumped to be see the new pages!! Exclamation points!!

😀 I have forgotten everything about making comics so I’m buying myself time to relearn before new pages start going up lol. I might bother you about ideas later!

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