Relearning Manga Studio!!

Start reading part three here! Maybe this week I’ll add chapter navigation so I don’t feel like I need to manually insert the link every week, lol.

I had a bunch of this post written up but WordPress ate it! >:( I guess I need to learn to write my drafts in notepad or something.

I’m making a bunch of headway deciding on the direction of Part Nineteen. I’m not quite done with the script yet but I’m optimistic about my momentum just sketching rough pages. I’ll keep working on relearning how to ink, letter, and tone, but I’m not quite there yet haha.

I’m starting to remember what some of these characters are like. Writing their dialogue and drawing their expressions and poses and stuff is slowly coming back to me. I’m hoping these transitional pages don’t come off as too unnatural when I finally post the pages, but if they have to I at least hope it doesn’t take too long to get my comfort level back.

Reading old pages as I post them is crazy!! I remembered how much I hated the first few chapters but I’m pleasantly surprised at some panels I forgot about. Trying not to beat up Past Me too hard. She was just a kid ;__;

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