Side stories and future planning…

Part Nine goes live today, which you can start reading here! This is the chapter where I took my longest previous hiatus, and switched mid-chapter to doing the comic all-digitally. Seeing my visible hiccups in learning the new tools (and re-learning the characters) is oddly comforting. I’m back in that sort of place now with Part Nineteen ;w;

This week I refreshed my memory on the side story I had started with the intention of including as bonus content for the print version of book two. I still like it but I’m not sure if I’ll still use it for that–maybe I’ll just post it online? It feels like such a low priority compared to Actual Pages, so maybe it’ll continue to fall off my plate for a while. I am still focusing on CM related content though, so when I get tired of inking I try to work on future chapters. Sometime I’d like to give myself the leeway to work on other art or comics, but now’s not the time.

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